"Invite yourself for a ride on Lance's trip, the journey is worth it." -Gary Burger


Lance writes personal music inspired by experiences in his life in a friendly, acoustic style. From the subject of an email to failing Art class, Lance's music is a window with a crystal clear view of life, love, friends, and emotion. His voice rings true with honest and soulful lyrics and his fingers slide effortlessly and lovingly on his guitar. He is a Minnesota folkie singer songwriter that is as good as they come.



Writing and performing songs has always been a very important part of my life. There is something magical about being able to pick up an instrument and make it vibrate. My songwriting has always been a comfortable place for me to express an emotion, whether it being happy or sad. I always strive for writing something that's real. From my own experiences, or something I have viewed from afar. I think it's important to keep songwriting honest and soulful. That way when your songs are performed, the sincerity hits a deeper level.